Cómo preparar un pitch de 5 minutos


1.   The Communication Process

1.1.    What is Communication?

1.2.    Elements of the Communication Process

1.3.    Barriers to Effective Communication

1.4.    Attitudes toward Speechmaking

1.5.    Skills of Speechmaking


2.     Preparing to Meet the Audience

2.1.    Demographic Generalizations age, education, occupation, race, religion, politics

2.2.    The Speech Situation – time, place


3.   Structuring the Speech

3.1.    The Content of the Speech

3.2.    The Organizational Structure

3.3.    Developing Introductions and Conclusions

3.4.    The Speech to Convince


4.   Presenting your case

4.1.    Methods of presentation and presentation skills

4.2.    Register and appropriateness of language for specified audience

4.3.    Practicing and voice control

4.4.    Notes, demonstrations and visual aids


5.   Communicating Nonverbally

5.1.    The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

5.2.    Functions of Nonverbal Communication

5.3.    Forms of Nonverbal Communication


6.   Forms of Communication

6.1.    Informative Speech: objectives, methods and organization

6.2.    Persuasive Speech: persuasive purpose, sources of persuasion and organization

6.3.    vocative Speech: speech to stimulate, speech of introduction, speech of presentation, speech to commemorate, entertainment speech, speech of nomination


7. Recorded Oral Pitch practice & Feedback time permitting


17:00 a 20:00h


Katharine D'Amico
Katharine D'Amico
B.A. Honours Degree French and Italian philology by Bishop´s University, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada and a Master Degree in Linguistics, Translation and Interpretation by Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. PhD candidate in Attitudes, Reticence and Motivations in Second and Third Language Acquisition at Leeds Beckett University UK.

Mentor and coach at WAYRA Start-up accelerator (Telefonica) Madrid y Barcelona and Wayra Crowdworking Cornellà for Pitch Readiness; Academic collaborator at ESADE-URL since 1998, in the Undergraduate Bachelor Degree program in neurolinguistics and professional and personal communication skills. ESADE MBA Elevator Sales Pitch Competition in the Global Sales Strategies course and the ESADE summer intensive program for Presentation Skills and Public Speaking 2016, and Guest speaker on Pitch for investors for the Executive MBA at ESADE, Madrid, 2016.

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